1. Wide Angle Conversion: A 0.5X lens is considered a wide-angle conversion lens. It reduces the focal length of the camera’s lens, effectively widening the field of view. For example, if attached to a camera, it will capture a broader scene compared to the camera’s original lens.

2. Magnification Factor: The “0.5X” designation indicates the magnification factor. In this case, it suggests that the lens widens the field of view by half, providing a wider perspective.

3. Attachment: Such lenses might be detachable and designed to attach to the front of compatible cameras or existing lenses using a specific mounting mechanism (such as screw threads or a clip-on mechanism).

4. Photography and Videography: These lenses are commonly used in photography and videography to capture expansive landscapes, architecture, group photos, or any scene where a wider view is desired.

5. Quality and Compatibility: The quality of 0.5X lenses can vary, and compatibility with specific cameras or lenses should be considered to ensure proper fitment and optimal performance.

6. Purpose: Using a 0.5X lens enhances the camera’s ability to capture wider scenes without moving further away from the subject.







Liulon 0.5x lens

0.5x lens liulon

0.5x lens

liulon 0.5x


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